18 day Tour

Day 1

10 am: Pick up from Entebbe by the Loving Heart Uganda Team! Welcome To The Pearl of Africa!

3pm: Be driven to Jinja
5pm: Everything you need is handed over to you for your trip...question and answer time … your about to start one of the best adventures of your life!
7pm: Dinner
Spend The Night at The Haven, boasting of Jinjas best views. Retire into your private cottage and enjoy over looking the Nile.

Day 2

8-9:30: Breakfast
10 am to 3pm: Drive to Boat Launch and then go on a short boat ride for a relaxing afternoon at Wildwaters Lodge, an isolated island right in
the middle of the rapids of the Nile

4pm to 6pm: If it is the weekend you will do the sunset horseback ride. If it is a week day you will visit the source of the Nile in the evening and do the horse back riding the next morning from 10am to 12 am….I will adjust your schedule as soon as I know the exact dates you are coming.

Spend another Luxious evening at the Haven

Day 3

8-9:30: Breakfast, get packed lunch
10 am to 12 pm: Either visiting the source of the Nile or doing your horseback riding safari

12pm to 12:30 pm: Enjoy packed lunch on site
12:30 to 5:30 pm: Drive to Rhino Sanctuary where you will spend the night

Day 4

Rhino Trekking from 8am to 10am

Drive to Murchison Falls
Spend the night in the wilds of Africa at Bwana Tembo Safari Camp

Day 5

Game Drive

Boat Ride to bottom of the Falls

Day 6

Game Drive

Drive to Kibale

Spend the night right in the middle of Kibale Forrest, and hear the Afircan jungle come alive at night. Sleep at Primate Lodge and you are sure to hear the primates swinging and hollering, a truly unique experience.

Day 7

Morning Chimp Trekking

Evening Night Walk

Another Night At Primate Lodge enjoying the rain forest in full!

Day 8

7:30 am: Breakfast

9 to 11 am: Bigodi Wetlands Walk (the walk with 12 primates)

Go with packed lunch, drive to right outside of QE, stay the night at Simba Safari Camp

Day 9

10 am to 12pm: interactive music lesson/performance with Kiktongo Cultual Performers

12-1: lunch
1-4: visiting salt lakes
4:30 pm: Check into Pumba Cottages

5:30 to 6:30 pm: Game Drive

Day 10

Morning Game Drive and Boatride
Drive to Bunyonyi

Day 11

8 am: Breakfast
9am to 1pm: Volunteer
1pm to 3pm: local lunch at Rovinahs
3 to 6pm: Boat ride joined by Rovinah
8pm: Dinner
9pm: Bonfire

Day 12

8 am: Breakfast
9am to 12pm: Volunteer

12 to 12:30: Visit home of one of our 'mamas' caring for children in need, learn how they traditional grind flour
12:30 to 1:30: Enjoy a drink at view point of Lake
1:30 to 3:30: Lunch at drum makers. learn about drum making
4pm: Relaxing afternoon

Day 13

Driven for early departure for gorilla trekking ....gorilla trekking can take any where from 3o minutes to a few hours to get to the
gorillas ....relaxing evening...packed breakfast and lunch provided

Day 14

8am: Breakfast
9 to 1pm: Volunteer
1pm to 2pm: Lunch
2pm to 3pm: Visit craft maker
3pm to 5pm: Canoe tour
7pm: Dinner with Rovinah
8pm: Bonfire

Day 16

8 am: Breakfast
Morning volunteer
12pm to 1pm: lunch with Rovinah
Drive to Mbara where you spend a night in a traditional cattle keeper house (or you spend a night in their guest house if you prefer.

Day 17

Spend your morning and afternoon enjoying any of your choice of these activities

We’re not very interested with these options below. Had a chance to see it and even experience it few times in our lifes, so we rather wanted to do something eles.
Okukama (milking cows)
The art of extracting milk from cows. The cliché that most people don't know where milk comes from will not apply to you when you get your hands on the succulent mammary glands of the long-horned Ankole cows. Beat the early morning mist or catch the sunset as you squat to a lifetime memory of milking with your bare hands.

Okuchunda (making ghee)
Sit within an enchanting traditional hut while you turn milk into ghee by your own. This enjoyable proces takes between 20 and 45 minutes that involves physical exercise, especially on the arms.

Okusetura (grazing the cows)
Fact: cows graze. Fact: people take them out to graze. Fact: not everyone can. Learn the skill of setting out cows to graze and all the sophistication involved. You will amazed at the complexity of this simple act.

Okweshera (watering the cows)
There are fewer things in life, and in our culture none, that compares in delight to taking cows to the water place and engage in the synchrony of water to ichuba,ichuba to obwato to cows and so much more… Team up with the natives who make this spectacle even pleasing to the participants and have a blast.
Drive to Lake Mburo …. And enjoy a guided night safari
A night in the wilderness at Rwakobo Rock

Day 18

7am: Breakfast
8am to 11am: Walking safari
11am to 3pm: Drive to Kampala with stop at Equator
Meet up with a driver who will get your feedback about the trip and take you to Entebbe
Go to Entebbe and have dinner on the beach
Drop off at hotel or airport depending on when your flight leaves

The last day before our departure from Uganda, we would like to relax. So all these activities such as walking safari and stop at Equator – we would like to do a day before our last day of stay.
I also would like to as whether there is some sort of chance to visit an authentic village, where some local tribes live like they used to. It could be a living culture museum. I’m asking, because we visited lots of such a places in southern Africa. And we loved that!